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On the bank of the river Trihalva

May 26, 2011 | Uncategorized Author: admin

The most interesting part of the town of Chiapa de Corso is the embankment. This is where most of the tourists who find themselves in this small town of the province of Chiapas are aiming. Boat trips on Sumidero canyon leave from the embankment. The best restaurants (overlooking the river) and souvenir kiosks are also concentrated here.

Souvenirs for tourists
Beach Restaurant
River Trihalja
Boat waiting for tourists
On the waterfront
Boats parked
Boats on the waterfront
Descent to the embankment past the church of the Dominican monastery
Descent to the embankment
On the corner
Souvenir market
Restaurant on the waterfront
Musicians in the restaurant
Sumidero Canyon Tours Start from the Embankment
Restaurant on the waterfront
Coat of arms on the wall
Souvenir hats and leather goods
Souvenirs for tourists
Souvenirs for tourists
Many souvenirs